1969 Corvette Specifications


The Stingray name (now spelled as one word) appears on the front fenders above four vertical fender vents. The backup lights were integrated into the center tail lights. The fenders are unflared and the front cornering lamps are round. The steering-wheel diameter was trimmed an inch for more under-rim thigh clearance. Interior door handles and control knobs were redesigned. A warning light was added to warn that the headlights hadn't completely opened. The ignition is now on the steering column and the door depression button used in 1968 was eliminated. A key lock was put in it's place. The interior has glove box mounted map pockets but no wood on the door panels. Front and rear disc brakes, headlight washers, center console, wheel trim rings, carpeting and all vinyl upholstery are standard; the windshield-washer jets were moved to the wiper arms. The frame was stiffened and standard rim width went up to eight inches. An attempt was also made to improve the Astro Ventilation flow volume, but the results were far from satisfactory. In 1969 there were 116 cars built with the L88 engine option. These cars were all to be racers, so they did not have heaters or radios, and most came with transistor ignition, special heavy duty brakes, special front and rear suspension and heavy duty close ration 4 speed transmission. The horsepower was 430 hp when it should really have been 560 hp.

The 1969 Corvette build cycle was from September 1968 until December 1969.
One of the longest build cycles for a US car.

Serial Numbers: 194379S700001 through 194379S738762   --   For Convertibles, the fourth digit is a "6"

Fisher Body Style Number 69-19437 identifies a Corvette Stingray coupe
Fisher Body Style Number 69-19467 identifies a Corvette Stingray convertible
The body number plate is located on the engine side of the cowl

Early or Late, that is the question!

The early/late changeover was at approximately SN#18,744 in March 1969. A good rule of thumb is to check the vacuum actuator located on the right side of the firewall. The actuator was changed from the "can" shape on the early 69s to the "double pie plates" shape on the late 69s. This is not always accurate because some of the late 69s have the "can." Many of the parts changed during production, and early and late does not necessarily have anything to do with when the car was built. Even worse, some of the very early 69s used parts leftover from the 68 run, and some of the late 69s have parts that were supposed to be on the 70s.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Number Break Down

1st Digit is the Division: 1 = Chevrolet
2nd and 3rd digit is the Series: 94 = Corvette
4th and 5th Digit is the Body Style: 37 = 2 door Coupe -- 67 = 2 Door Convertible
6th Digit is the Model Year: 9 = 1969
7th Digit is Assembly Plant: S = St. Louis, MO
Last 6 Digits are Production numbers starting with 700001 to 738762

The serial number (VIN) is stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield.

The trim tag is located on the driver's hinge post. It has the codes for the original exterior paint and interior trim colors and the time/build date for your car. See chart for build date following Basic Specifictions.

The engine ID and engine VIN are stamped on a casting boss on the front right hand side of the engine block.

The engine VIN is a nine character number normally found beside or under the engine ID code. The engine VIN is stamped onto the boss by the final assembly plant (where the car is actually built). The number contains a divisional code (1 = Chevrolet), the last digit of the vehicle model year, and a 1 character letter code for the vehicle assembly plant ( S = St. Louis). Following the three characters are the last six digits of the vehicle serial number. The last six digits should match the last six digits of the car's VIN. If the numbers do not match, the engine is not original.

In 1969 Corvette small block engines were built in Flint and prefixed with a source designation of "V." All the big blocks were built at Tonawanda and prefixed with a source designation of "T." The T or V is followed by four digits representing the date of manufacture. The first two digits representing the month ("01" through "12" ), the last two digits representing the date of the month ("01 through "31") and they end with the engine type suffix code (see the Engine Suffix list below).

In 1969 Corvette used Holley and Rochester Carburetors.
Holley: Model identification and date code are stamped into the forward vertical surface of the air horn. The normal Holley date code can be deciphered as: 1st digit is last digit of calendar year, second digit indicates month ('1" through "9" for January through September, "0" for October, "A" for November and "B" for December) and third (last) digit represents the week of the month. Some original equipment Holleys may be coded using four digits, the first three indicating the Julian Calendar date, ending in the single digit representing the last digit of the calendar year.
Rochester Carburetors: Quadrajet identification numbers are stamped into the vertical boss on the left-hand side, above the secondary throttle shaft. Also contained are the Julian calendar date and an assembly line broadcast code. Some Quadrajets were manufactured by Carter for Rochester and their castings are so identified.

The Month Letter "I" Generally the letter "I" will be used to represent the month of September only on Chevrolet Central Foundry metal castings. It is generally skipped over and not used to represent September on hand or machine die-stamped components such as alternators, distributors, carburetors, radiators, etc. The stamped letter "I" is, however, used to represent the ninth month of body production on St. Louis body identification tags.


Convertibles   16,633

Coupes   22,129



Drive Train


Basic Specifications

Engine: 350 cubic inch V-8
Horsepower: 300@4800rpm standard
Compression Ratio: 10.25 to 1
Carburetor: Four Barrel
Transmission: 3 speed manual standard
Shippng Weight: 3091 lbs (coupe) 3096 (convertible)
Production Total: Total 38,762 (22,129 coupes) (16,633 convertibles)
Factory Price: $4781 (coupe) $4438 (convertible)
Chassis Dimensions: Wheelbase 98 inches
Length: 182.5 inches
Width: 69.0 inches
Height: 47.8
Ground Clearance: 6.0 inches
Front tread: 58.7 inches
Rear tread: 59.4 inches
Tires: F70x15


Engine Data

69 Vette Base 350 L46 350 L36 427 L36/L68 427 L71 427 L88 427
HP @ RPM 300 @ 4800 350 @ 5800 390 @ 5400 400 @ 5400 435 @ 5800 430 @ 5800
Torque @ RPM 380 @ 3200 380 @ 3600 460 @ 3600 460 @ 4000 460 @ 4000 550 @ 4000
Compression Ratio 10.25:1 11:1 10.25:1 10.25:1 11:1 12.5:1
Bore & Stroke 4.00 x 3.48 4.00 x 3.48 4.251 x 3.76 4.251 x 3.76 4.251 x 3.76 4.251 x 3.76
Cylinder Block Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Main Bearings 5 5 5 5 5 5
Valve Lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanical Mechanical
Carburetion 4bbl Rochester 4bbl Rochester 4bbl Rochester 3x2bbl Holley 3x2bbl Holley Large 4bbl Holley
Intake Manifold Cast Alloy Iron Cast Alloy Iron Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum
Oil Capacity 5qts w/filter 5qts w/filter 6qts w/filter 6qts w/filter 6qts w/filter 6qts w/filter
Exhaust Dual, 2.0" Dual, 2.0" Dual, 2.0" Dual, 2.0" Dual 2.0" Dual 2.0"
Spark Plugs ACR44S ACR44S ACR43N ACR43N ACR43N ACR43XL
Radiator Capacities
In Quarts
14 (std, no htr)
15 (std, htr)
16.75 (std, auto, no htr)
18 (std, auto, htr)
17 (hvy duty, no htr)
18.5 (hvy duty, htr)
14 (std, no htr)
15 (std, htr)
17 (hvy duty, no htr)
18.5 (hvy duty, htr)
21 (std, no htr)
22 (std, htr)
21 (std, auto, no htr)
22 (std, auto, htr)
21 (std, no htr)
22 (std, htr)
21 (std, auto, no htr)
22 (std, auto, htr)
21 (std, no htr)
22 (std, htr)
21 (std, auto, no htr)
22 (std, auto, htr)
20 (std, no htr)
21 (std, htr)
21.5 (std, auto, no htr)
22.5 (std, auto, htr)

Engine Suffix

LT: 427ci, 435hp MT, HC
GD: 350ci, 300hp MT, AC, IG
LU: 427ci, 395hp MT, AH, HC
HW: 350ci, 350hp MT
LV: 427ci, 430hp (L-88) AT
HX: 350ci, 350hp MT, AC
LW: 427ci, 435hp AT, AH
HY: 350ci, 300hp MT
LX: 427ci, 435hp AT
HZ: 350ci, 300hp AT
ME: 427ci, 430hp (ZL1) MT
LL: 427ci, 390hp AT
MG: 427ci, 430hp (ZL1) AT
LM: 427ci, 390hp MT
MH: 427ci, 390hp MT, IG
LN: 427ci, 400hp AT
MI: 427ci, 390hp AT, IG
LO: 427ci, 430hp M
LO: 427ci, 430hp MT
MJ: 427ci, 400hp AT, IG
LP: 427ci, 435hp MT, AH
MK: 427ci, 400hp MT, IG
LQ: 427ci, 400hp MT
MR: 427ci, 430hp (L88) MT
LR: 427ci, 435hp MT
MS: 427ci, UU
MT=Manual Trans
AT=Automatic Trans
PS=Power Steering
AC=Air Conditioning
AH=Aluminum Head
IG=Transistor Ignition
HC=Heavy Duty Clutch
UU=Uncertain Usage

An example of an engine ID for 1969 might be T0101LO. The first character T would indicate that the engine was a 427 built at the Tonawanda plant. The following four digits represent the date of manufacture. The first two digits would be the month 01 (January). The next two digits, 01, would be the day of the month. The final two characters, LO, is the engine suffix a 427 ci, 430 hp, manual transmission.



Drivetrain Combinations

Engine Transmission Standard Economy Performance Special
Standard 350 2.54:1 3spd
2.52:1 4spd
Turbo Hydro
L46 350 2.52:1 4spd
2.20:1 4spd
L36 427 2.52:1 4spd
2.20:1 4spd
Turbo Hydro
L36/68 427 2.52:1 4spd
2.20:1 4spd
Turbo Hydro
L71 427 2.20:1 4spd
Turbo Hydro
L88 427 CI 2.20:1 4spd
Turbo Hydro

* Available Non-Positraction Axel

Axle codes will be stamped on the bottom of the differential carrier housing just forward of the cover. The axle type and ratio identification prefix code letters will be followed by various numbers and letters which may indicate the date of manufacture, plant, and/or type of axle.




Standard Manual Transmission: Three-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission with floor-mounted gear shifter.
Automatic Transmission: Three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission with floor-mounted gear shifter.
Optional Manual Transmission: High-performance four-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission with floor-mounted gear shifter.
Optional Manual Transmission: Special high-performance four-speed manual all-synchromesh close-ratio transmission with floor-mounted gear shifter.
Optional Manual Transmission: Special heavy-duty four-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission with floor-mounted gear shifter.


Trim Tag

69 Corvette Body Build Date Code - Qxx

Q - Designates the Month === xx - After the Month Code designates the Day of the Month.
A - Aug., 1968 B - Sep., 1968 C - Oct., 1968 D - Nov., 1968 E - Dec., 1968 F - Jan., 1969
G - Feb., 1969 H - Mar., 1969 I - Apr., 1969 J - May, 1969 K - Jun., 1969 L - Jul., 1969
M - Aug., 1969 N - Sept., 1969 O - Oct., 1969 P - Nov., 1969 Q - Dec., 1969  

The body build date is located in the upper left side of the Trim Tag.     See Color Options for color/interior codes.


Colors / Options

Exterior Colors

900 Tuxedo Black 88-L A-946 9300
972 Can-Am White 5050-L A-1802 8631
974 Monza Red 5027-LH A-2120R 2089
976 LaMans Blue 5030-L A-2109 2083
980 Riverside Gold 5029-L A-2122 2092
983 Fathom Green 5013-L A-2012 2079
984 Daytona Yellow 5026-LH A-2119 2094
986 Cortez Silver 5032-L A-2108 2059
988 Burgundy 5063-LH A-2107M 2084
990 Monoco Orange 5021-LH A2111R 2084

This chart lists the original paint manufacturers stock numbers for Corvette refinishing paint. The manufactures listed are Dupont, Rinshed-Mason, and Ditzler. Corvette body paint used through 1957 was nitrocellulose lacquer. All exterior paint for 1958 and later was acrylic lacquer. It must be noted the paint numbers listed are those originally specified by Chevrolet and the paint suppliers as being as close a match as possible when the vehicles were new. Not all colors listed are available today.

Interior Colors

ZQ4 Black Vinyl
402 Black Leather
407 Red Vinyl
408 Red Leather
411 Bright Blue Vinyl
412 Bright Blue Leather
416 Green Vinyl
417 Green Leather
420 Saddle vinyl
421 Saddle Leather
427 Gunmetal vinyl
428 Gunmetal Leather



19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 22,129 4,781
19467 Base Corvette Convertible 16,633 4,438
XXX Genuine Leather Seats 3,729 79
A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all Windows 31,270 79
A31 Power Windows 9,816 63
A82 Head Rests 38,762 17
A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (Std with Coupe) 600 42
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (Covertible Only) 7,878 252
C08 Vinyl Covering (for Auxiliary Hardtop) 3,266 57
C50 Rear Window Defroster 2,485 32
C60 Air Conditioning 11,859 428
F41 Special Front and Rear Suspension 1,661 36
G81 Positraction Rear Axel 36,965 46
J50 Power Brakes 16,876 42
J56 Special Heavy Duty Brakes 115 384
K05 Engine Block Heater 824 10
K66 Transistor Ignition System 5,702 81
L36 427ci, 390hp Engine 10,531 221
L46 350ci, 350hp Engine 12,846 131
L68 427ci, 400hp Engine 2,072 326
L71 427ci, 435hp Engine 2,722 437
L88 427ci, 430hp Engine 116 1,032
L89 Aluminum Cylinder Heads with L71 Engine 390 832
MA6 Heavy Duty Clutch 102 79
M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 16,507 184
M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 13,741 184
M22 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio, heavy duty 101 290
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 8,161 221
N14 Side Mount Exhaust Systems 4,355 147
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 10,325 105
N40 Power Steering 22,866 105
P02 Deluxe wheel covers 8,073 57
PT6 F70x15 Red Stripe Tires, Nylon 5,210 31
PT7 F70x15 White Stripe Tires, Nylon 21,379 31
PU9 F70x15 White Letter Tires, Nylon 2,398 33
TJ2 Front Fender Louver Trim 11,962 21
UA6 Alarm System 12,436 26
U15 Speed Warning Indicator 3,561 11
U69 AM-FM Radio 33,871 172
U79 AM-FM Stereo Radio 4,114 278
ZL1 Special L88 (aluminum block) 2 4,718


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