Lynn's 69 Corvette

The person who purchased this car originally did so to race it so it is a pretty basic car, although it does have power steering and brakes. They also painted it several times. We completely stripped off all the paint and the bad fiberglass was repaired or replaced. The car was repainted the original body color. It came stock with Side Mount Exhaust Systems and a 430HP 427. That engine went bye bye before I purchased the car. The engine that was in it when I purchased it was a 465HP 454 LS6 that my son made go bye bye. It now has a new 325 HP 454 that runs great, and only me and mama drive it. It has a lot of new parts and we are still putzing with it. We are NOT PURISTS! We drive it because we like it...and it is fun. It looks stock on the outside and we plan to keep it that way. Exceptions are the brakes, some suspension parts and under the hood where the engine, intake and carburetion give away the rest of the truth. The car has a little over 54,000 miles on it. We purchased it in 1980.

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